Summer Leagues

Oak Ridge Community Athletic Association

The Oak Ridge Community Athletic Association (ORCAA) offers t-ball, softball and baseball leagues during the summer months.

  • Information is sent home every January regarding the program and sign ups.
  • The sign up deadline is around the 3rd week of February, but some exceptions are allowed.
  • Cost varies based on the age division of the child.
  • Coaches meeting is held around the 3rd week of March.
  • Practices kick off around the end of April for the older teams and the beginning of May for the younger teams.
  • Games start in May for the older teams and continue through June. Games for the younger teams are normally just the month of June.


  • Justin Borgfield, President (573) 803-8570
  • Jeff Sutton, Vice President (573) 225-1494
  • Krystal McLane, Treasurer (573) 579-6620
  • Denise Bolin, Secretary (573) 979-1352


  • T-Ball #1
    Coaches: Justin Borgfield/Travis McFall
  • T-Ball #2
    Coaches: Charlie Schoen/Kyle Berry
  • Coach Pitch #1
    Coaches: Sam Burnett/Duran Engler
  • Coach Pitch #2
    Coaches: Matt McAlister/Tyler Schaper
  • 9-10 Girls #1
    Coaches: Krystal McLane/Denise Bolin & Dan Woodall
  • 9-10 Girls #2
    Coaches: Matt Preusser/Chad Bogenpohl
  • 11-12 Girls
    Coaches: Mandy Glueck/Dean Berry
  • 13-14 Girls
    Coaches: Keith Grable/Dan Woodall
  • 9-10 Boys #1
    Coaches: Matt Gamel/Rob Grayhek
  • 9-10 Boys #2
    Coaches: Justin Borgfield/Darren Hahs
  • 11-12 Boys
    Coaches: Josh DeWitt/Dean Berry
  • 13-15 Boys
    Coaches: Jason Glueck/Mark Puchbauer