TRWP Reading & Writing Program

What is TRWP?

The Oak Ridge School District is implementing The Reading and Writing Project (TRWP) using the Lucy Calkin’s Unit of Study for Reading and Writing. Using the TRWP approach to reading and writing allows students to choose their just right books, learn how to ask questions to clarify their understanding, make connections between text and prior knowledge, and write their thoughts about their text. This program also utilizes mini-lessons, independent reading time, whole/small group instruction, and conference one-on-one. 



Our Teachers use Post-It notes, anchor charts, graphic organizers, journaling and verbal responses to help students use the tools they need to be successful, lifelong readers.

Just Right Books

What is a just right book?

A just right book is a book in which the students can flawlessly read and fully comprehend. It is a book at their level in which they do not need help reading.


How do students choose a just right book?

Students choose a just right book by following the 5 finger rule: if there are 5 words on one page that you do not know how to say or understand, then that book is not a just right book.


Choosing the right books can help lead students into discovering new themes or authors. Students will begin noticing similarities between their just right books they choose and can then develop a favorite author, or even series.



What are they being used for?

Post-It’s are used for students to record their thoughts while reading. Topics for Post-It’s can cover multiple reading elements such as characters, events, problems and solutions.

How will it help students with reading?

The process of stopping to record thoughts will aide students in comprehension and clarification. Students will be able to see shifts in settings, changes in characters and more.


Examples of ways to start a Post-It:

  • I began to think _____
  • I observed ______
  • This made me think of _____
  • I wonder what this means?
  • I wonder why ____
  • I felt sad when ____
  • I think the setting is important because ____
  • This character is like (name of the character) in (title of the book) because ___

The Writing Process

The writing process is divided into five steps. The process is introduced in Kindergarten and fully used in first grade and above.

A pre-write in Kindergarten and First begins with drawing a picture. Second grade and above use graphic organizers. 

Rough Draft:
The rough draft is when the student begins composing their story. Students use their pre-writing to help  guide what they write. There will be mistakes in the rough draft that will be fixed in the later processes. 

Students edit to fix mistakes that have been made. Mistakes in grammar and spelling are fixed in this step.

Revising consists of students adding or deleting information from their stories. Students can add or delete sentences, rearrange paragraphs, details, adjectives, or anything to enhance their story. 

The story has gone through all the steps in the writing process and is ready for the final copy.  


Rubrics are used to aide and assess students. Students are able to see what is expected for each level in the rubric. Students will be aware of what a poor paper, receiving a one, will look like or what a great piece of work receiving a four will consist of. Teachers and students are able to use rubrics to understand what is expected.